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A True Team Building Event

A treasure hunt is a map-based puzzle that the entire team must solve. As in the workplace, smaller teams must succeed at their tasks before the entire company can reach its goal - opening the treasure-filled chest! Derived from the Scandinavian activity of Orienteering, where participants find flags in the woods with a map and compass, the Treasure Hunt uses a custom-made map of the conference center (indoors and out) that leads teams to trivia questions, riddles and group adventures.

But we are not all about maps. Our latest hit event, Tabletop NASCAR, is taking the team building world by storm. Teams race their hand-built cars on a track with computerized finish results. 



Try our Do-It-Yourself

Hunt in Central Park


Treasure Hunt Adventures News

Leading eBay on a Local Adventure



Tuesday, March 10 and the site was a San Jose town park, Bramhall Park to be specific. eBay’s Checkout team was there for a quartely “fun” team builder and that’s just what we gave them as they hunted around the spacious park with its ball fields, playgrounds and lawn bowling fields. Perfect weather also helped make a day where all worked together to not only open the chest, but also to understand that when they exhibit that behavior, success follows right back to the workplace. An energetic, bright and youthful group. What a pleasure!


Treasure Hunt Adventure vs. DaVinci Adventure?

Our Treasure Hunt Adventure is a complex puzzle usually based in the meeting room but we run them anywhere (even on a beach in the South China Sea for Chevron). We use the tables as little headquarters for each team as they will leave the room several times on their search for clues with a custom map of the area. When they return, they have “challenges” awaiting them at the tables. This is the main difference from the DaVinci Adventure which almost always takes place in an art museum (but I have used natural history, science and local museums as well as botanical gardens and even theme parks.) The museum room rentals are exorbitant so we run the program on our feet. We meet your team in the lobby and task them there. Teams of 4-6 leave in every direction looking for clues in the art work. In 2 hours they will reassemble, usually at the museum cafe to receive a decoding sheet. As we cannot run in the museum, the first 2 hours is spent in “data collection” and art appreciation. When we hand out the decoders, then the race to locate the Cryptex begins. Call for more details and prices. Our price does include all our travel from either LA or NY. You just take care of “treasure” and museum admission where applicable.

climax of hunt

Everyone working together at the climax of the hunt.
No one else does this.



DaVinci Adventure – 15 Cities and Counting!

Our DaVinci Adventure started out as a rain alternative back in 2006 for MSNBC who couldn’t work in a rain date for a Central Park team builder they planned. The movie was a hit then so I quickly designed an event that brought them through the wonderful galleries of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I even was able to find an exact replica of the “cryptex” from the movie which adds to the theme. Now, this 3 hour team builder has a life of its own as I have just delivered it in the 15th different museum (Phoenix Art Museum) in the last seven years.  Combining strategy, time management, communication skills and plain old art appreciation, the DaVinci Adventure makes your half day team meeting very special.



Chevron China Energy’s Leadership Team

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Chris travelled to Sanya, China on Hainan Island (China’s southernmost city, on the South China Sea near Vietnam) for a full day of team building with Chevron’s China Leadership Team. We met at the Sanya Hilton for an intense morning of challenging exercises to help the group of twenty (mostly North Americans) work on their  team effectiveness, strategy, communication and basic leadership skills. The afternoon was our classic Treasure Hunt Adventure around the Hilton’s lavish grounds and down to the beach of the Sea. After that, in the late afternoon, we took a sunset cruise out of the harbor into the ocean where, with spouses (and adult beverages), Chris facilitated a Chevron Bingo icebreaker.

Chevron’s sunset cruise on the South China Sea

This April we will return to the Oakland area for Chevron’s supertanker captains and chief engineers meeting (Masters and Chiefs) with “Pipeline”.


THA in Hollywood!

Actually we ran a major event for Universal Pictures at their Chairman’s Retreat in Laguna this March. Over 250 movie execs hunted around the St. Regis Monarch Resort.


Treasure Hunt Adventures on ABC News

Chris Cassone on ABC News Money Matters discussing the benefits of orienteering in corporate teambuilding.


Key Bank Finds the Key

The Key Bank management staff (of 300) brings Treasure Hunt Adventures down to beautiful Boca Raton for one of our most dramatic staged events yet. Four large video screens, pumping music as Key Bank hunted along the Intercoastal for hidden keys.


Treasure Hunt Adventures Opens West Coast Office

We opened our Southern California office in  Los Angeles so we can now serve our west coast clients more efficiently. Look for The Great Griffith Park Treasure Hunt™ soon.


Treasure Hunt Adventures Creates Map for MapQuest

We led the entire company of Mapquest on a team builder in Pennsylvania. CEO Tommy McGloin donned the pirate hat and led his crew on a real map-based adventure!


Orientation Day at Harvard

New video streams of Harvard Busines School’s Orientation Day with 900 incoming MBA students. View video here.


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Chris Cassone on ABC News

Harvard Business School's Orientation Day

Chris Cassone Member of MPI

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