While this is an individual attempt, the team surrounding him is all focused on the goal. I was particularly impressed on the crew's closeness and adaptability to changes along the way (injuries, weather, crowds, etc.) Lots of team lessons to be learned here.

Running with world famous ultra-runner, Scott Jurek, as he passed through my area on his way to beat the record of running the Appalachian Trail (2160 miles in 46 days, 8 hours and 7 minutes!)

Another QR for our hunt in a major Metropolitan Museum. Ha ha.

Several QR clue samples. As they hunt around the Book Cadillac in Detroit, folks had to dart outside in January for a clue. THEY LOVED IT!

Tabletop FASTCAR excitement

with 400 execs from Wachovia, 45 sec.

Intro to Orienteering, 8 minutes

We do LARGE groups. 1000 here at

Harvard Business school with a staff of 23

Good overview of our top event